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Invest in your People

Happy people. Happy company.

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71% of millenials have paused life as a result of student debt.
Student loan repayment incentives and contributions are the number 1 sought after benefit following medical.
You decide how much you want to invest, we'll do the rest

We are a small team of math PhDs and Finance experts on a big mission to lower financial barriers to education. We empower you to invest in your people.

Start by providing incentives for and contributions towards their student loan repayment. They deserve it, and so do you.

Be the Champion for Your People.

Recruit. Reward. Engage.

Dolr is a student loan repayment business enabling employers like you to invest in your people by helping them accelerate to $0 student debt. You can contribute to their student loans to help reduce financial stress and use repayment incentives to reward them in an impactful way.

The result: better recruitment and more engaged employees.
We put your people first. Just like you, we think they are the best resource your company has. By focusing on your people with the same intensity you do, your Dolr benefits will help reduce financial stress and increase engagement at work.

Happy people, happy company.

People First.