To Lower Financial Barriers to Education.



Noether Rudin is our parent company. We are doing business as Dolr.

Emmy Noether was a mathematician of legendary creativity and Mary Ellen Rudin was a mathematician known for disproving long held beliefs.

They're also a couple of our favorite mathematicians. We named ourselves after them since they inspire the raw creativity we approach our work with and our commitment to bucking the trend.

We do business as Dolr because is hard to type (and remember). Plus, we get more Dolrs for your student loans :)

We are a small team on a big mission to lower financial barriers to education. We loathe student debt as much as you do and are laser focused on accelerating you to $0 debt.

Did we mention we're math PhDs and Finance experts crunching numbers so you don't have to? Well there ya go.

No one cares more about finding you the fastest path to $0 student debt. Well, except maybe you.

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Dolr is a student loan repayment business enabling people like you to accelerate to $0 debt by making smarter payments and empowering your employer to provide incentives and contributions towards your student loan repayment.

Our platform, built by our team of finance and mathematics experts, analyzes your loans and makes personalized recommendations based on your unique financial circumstances and your employer's contributions, then let's you consolidate your payments all in one place.
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We put you FIRST. That's it. No ifs. No buts. No maybes. You. First.

We understand you have big life goals and we want to get student debt out of the way so you can focus on you and your dreams. Buy a house. Start a family. Take that vacation. Retire early. Do you!

We take every measure to ensure your success.

Also, we love you. There. We said it.

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