Student Debt
is a Societal Burden

Dolr empowers society to contribute towards student loan repayment so we can uplift our community financially and emotionally while still making it a win-win for everyone.

Dolr uplifts our community financially, emotionally, and societally.


Student debt is a financial burden.Using our technologies we want to accelerate the members of our community to $0 debt. We want to empower them to make the best decisions. We want to give them the best information presented in the best possible way for their understanding. We want to reduce their cognitive burden. We want to help them be smarter. We want to make it easier for them to form micro-habits to incrementally accelerate them to $0 debt. And we want to make all of this cheap and easy for them.


Student debt is an emotional burden. Using our technologies we want to uplift the members of our community emotionally. We want to empower them to live their best lives both while they pay their debt and after. We want them to feel safe and in control. We want to reduce their stress and increase their happiness. We want to make them more confident. And we want them to trust themselves and to trust us.


Student debt is a societal burden. The more indebted members of society are the more we are inhibited from true growth and continued evolution. Using our technologies we want to empower society to help the members of the Dolr community accelerate to $0 debt. This extends from individuals, to groups of individuals organized into communities, to businesses and corporations, and to the governments we elect. Everyone has their part to play. The financial and emotional burdens are shared in spirit. We can empower society to share and reduce them in practice.


Yup, Dolr! As in πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°.

We get you extra cash for your student loan repayment so it just makes sense to call ourselves Dolr. Right? 😝

We’re a team of mathematicians, finance experts, artists, and technologists laser focused on accelerating you to $0 student debt so you can be laser focused on living your best life. We understand you have big life goals and we want to get student debt out of the way so you can focus on you and your dreams. Buy a house. Start a family. Take that vacation. Retire early. Do you!

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