Dolr gets you cash for your student loan payments

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From where you work, shop, and your community.

Because education should be an investment. Not a burden.

beat student debt

Get student loan benefits from work. Get cashback paid to your loans when you shop. And get cashback from your community of family & friends. Beat student debt. Build wealth.

Designed to make an Impact

By making student loan repayment a Team effort Dolr accelerates you to $0 student debt

Going Alone

Avg. Student Debt

Avg. Interest Rate
Takes 20 years to pay off with
paid out of pocket
Going as a Team with Dolr
Extra cash for payments from work, shopping, and Village (per year)
Paid off in half the time with
paid out of pocket ($51,289 saved) play with the calculator

Estimates based on historical performance and average costs. Actual results will vary.

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Dolr gets you student loan benefits from work

Dolr partners with companies so you can get student loan benefits from work. This means a company makes monthly payments to your student loans as a benefit of working there

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Dolr gets you cashback for student loan payments

Dolr partners with national retail brands so you can get cashback paid directly to your student loans. Simply connect your cards and earn cashback that does work getting you debt free sooner

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Dolr gets you cashback from your friends and family

Dolr lets your friends and family give you their cashback for your student loan payments. It’s like asking for money without asking for money. We call it your Village


Dolr lets you automate your habits

Dolr lets you beat student debt on auto pilot with weekly payments. Set it. Forget it. Watch your student debt disappear

Get Dolr.
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