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Goodbye Student Debt.

Make smarter payments. Get to $0 debt faster.

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Get to $0 student debt up to 15 months earlier and save $5,000* in interest payments without changing your lifestyle
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How It Works


Link It

Securely link your student loan accounts. We use bank grade security to ensure your data is safe

✔ Linking is easy, quick, and secure
✔ 1,000s of banks and credit unions
✔ All federal and most private loan servicers


Set It

Our platform analyzes your loans and makes personalized recommendations based on your unique financial circumstances

✔ Setup secure smarter payments
✔ Manage all your loans from one place
✔ Ask "what if?" and play with different scenarios


Get to $0 Debt

You accelerate to $0 student debt knowing you've got your own team of PhDs hard at work

✔ Consolidate all your payments
✔ Get notifications right on your phone
✔ Never worry about overdrawing your account

What do people think?

Being able to see all my loans in one place has been so helpful! The comparison between payment amounts and time saved really helps me feel back in charge of my loans.
Columbus, OH

So helpful.

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Your Data Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of your data is our first priority. To learn more check out our privacy policy and the frequently asked questions

We use Bank Grade Security with 256-bit AES encryption
We partner with Best in class vendors to protect your data
We do not sell your data to anyone for any reason
We got you. Check out our frequently asked questions page, read our blog, or email us.

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Whatever your loan status or type our math PhDs and finance experts crunch numbers so you don't have to.
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