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Recruit, Retain, and Engage your team with the most desired perk in the USA

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Recruit, Retain, and Engage.

94% of professionals would be more willing to stay with their employer for student loan repayment assistance.*
You decide how much you want to invest, we'll do the rest

* SoFi, ‘The Impact of Student Loan Benefits’

Provide student loan repayment assistance

Get started accelerating your People to $0 student debt with commitment-free student loan repayment assistance

Choose who and how much

Tell us who on your team you want to assist and how much you want to contribute. We'll do the rest including on-boarding your team. Your dedicated account manager will guide you through any eligibility criteria and advise you on a program design best suited for your goals.

Schedule Contributions

Schedule contributions at whatever frequency that suits your team and budget. You can even schedule bonuses and rewards as incentives. Your account manager will help you determine the best options. You can change or suspend your contributions at any time before they are scheduled to be paid.

send payments

We disburse your contributions directly to your employees' student loan servicers on the scheduled dates. We always ensure your team members have valid student loans before we send any contributions.

Life with Dolr

recruit, retain, and engage

Recruiting and retaining talent is hard. Student loan repayment assistance with Dolr helps you recruit and retain great talent. When your team is happy you're happy.

SAve money

Recruiting is expensive. Replacing great talent is even more expensive. Dolr saves you money so you can focus on what you do best.

Save time

Administering benefits can be such a drag and a drain of your valuable time and energy Dolr saves you time by removiong almost all the adminstrative burden of managing student loan repayment assistance.

it's all tax deductible

Thanks to the CARES act you can claim your student loan repayment contributions as tax deductible under the same code as Tuition Reimbursement. Your team also does not get taxed on any contributions from you.
Provide incentives for and contributions towards their student loan repayment. They deserve it, and so do you.

Be the Champion for Your People.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance Matters

The impact of your student loan repayment assistance

they're out of debt

and save

and save


your monthly contribution


Total they currently owe


their interest rate

the path to $0 debt

Recruit. Reward. Engage.

89% of professionals* are more likely to accept a job offering student loan repayment assistance. Attract and retain the talent you deserve.
* SoFi, ‘The Impact of Student Loan Benefits’
By focusing on your people with the same intensity you do, your Dolr benefits will help reduce financial stress and increase engagement at work.

Happy people, happy company.

People First.