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1. Add your team

Add your team to Dolr so you can start building your student loan benefit program based on role, tenure, or both.

2. Choose who & how much

Set who will be eligible to participate in your program based on role, tenure, or both. Guided by your goals & budget.

3. Choose When

Decide when you want to send your student loan repayment assistance contributions. Dolr does the rest.

Thanks to the CARES act up to $5,250 of your student loan repayment contributions are tax deductible per person per year. Your team also does not get taxed on any contributions from you.

It's hard to attract and retain talent in our industry. Dolr has helped us differentiate ourselves to hire the people we need and keep them with us longer! You are very easy to work with and show great care for your clients by providing support quickly when needed

Angela D.
Director of Employee Relations

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Attract the best talent

of people would take a job offering student loan benefits vs another

Cultivate a healthy culture

of people would stay at a job offering student loan benefits vs another

Uplift your team

of borrowers cite their loans as a major source of financial stress

Our people love it. Dolr helps alleviate our employees' financial burden in a cost effective way and sets us apart from our competitors. It's definitely a differentiator and gives us a competitive edge when hiring.

Laura B.
Consultant Engagement Director

Extra cash with Dolr


Daily Dolr


Dolr Lifestyle
And Pay


Dolr Benefits


More sources of cash coming soon!

Your team gets
a whole lot more

They can automate their good habits and make a predictable and impactful dent on their student loans with the Daily Dolr

They get to shop at top brands partnered with Dolr and get cash back sent directly to their student loans. Yes, they literally pay their student loans by  shopping

They get cash from work so they can accelerate to $0 student debt

Use this calculator to see the impact of your contributions on your teams student loans

Offering Dolr has set us apart from the competition to attract and retain employees. Set up was super easy and I was able to design a flexible program to fit my team and budget. deductions!

Chelsea A.
Chief Operating Officer

with Dolr


Recruiting is expensive. Replacing great talent is even more expensive. Dolr saves you money so you can focus on what you do best.


Administering benefits can be such a drain of your valuable energy. Dolr saves you time by removing almost all the adminstrative burden of managing student loan repayment assistance.

Dolr Student Loan Benefits
Are for Everyone

Still In School

Your team can and should make payments and receive your contributions while they are still in school

Recent Graduates

Having student loan benefits available soon after graduation is a key component of accelerating ot $0 debt and reducing stress

Not So Recent Graduates

Adults aged 30 to 45 years owe nearly half of all student loan debt. They also have the highest average debt loads. You’ll be their hero


$28,778 is the average Parent Plus loan balance and borrowers are generally 40 to 60+ in age. Let them know they’re seen by offering student loan benefits

NU Borders gets a competitive edge in attracting - and retaining - top talent in the tech industry by offering Dolr products and services to prospective candidates and employees. The platform is great and makes it easier to give back to the people who contribute the most  to the company.

Thariq K.
Chief Executive Officer

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