Dolr student loan benefits have quickly emerged as a key tool to attract and retain talent.

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Helping employees beat student debt with Dolr solves an urgent need and is a durable win for companies.

Turnover is high in our industry and Dolr has given us the edge to stay ahead and provide the consistent and quality care our clients are accustomed to. Implementing the benefit across all of our facilities was simple and the support from the Dolr team has been remarkable.

Lonnie H., Vice President Human Resources
Campbell Street Senior Living

Companies love Dolr

Because their employees love Dolr


89% of job seekers choose a job offering student loan benefits over an alternative


54% increased retention across key roles when student loan benefits are offered


75% of workers say student loan benefits would increase their commitment to their employer


66% of student debt is held by women. Black women have the highest student debt levels after graduation

Employees love Dolr

because Dolr drives real outcomes

Debt free sooner

They’re out of debt in half the time saving thousands in loan and interest payments

Extra payments

With Dolr, student loan repayment is a team effort. They get cash from multiple sources for extra student loan payments

Instant gratification

Student debt is an urgent concern. Dolr accelerates them to $0 student debt.

Dolr student loan benefits give you a competitive advantage.

Impactful. Powerful. Simple.

Launch in a day. It's a no-brainer.

  1. team
    Add your Team
    With 200+ payroll integrations you can simply integrate Dolr into your existing processes
  2. program
    Choose your program
    Create a flexible and customizable program to fit your unique needs with the guidance of a student loan benefits specialist
  3. launch
    Dolr handles onboarding, enrollment, loan verifications, and payments to both Federal and private student loans

Dolr integrates with 200+ Payroll & HRIS providers

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Student loan benefits are tax-deductible* for companies and tax-free for employees.

*Tax deductible up to $5,250 per person per year for the company and tax-free (doesn’t count as W-2 income) for the employee

Our pricing promise

Our automated systems reduce costs. And we pass those savings on to you.

Average annual cost to company for participating employees

average annual cost of turnover and backfilling roles (based on national averages)
Without Dolr
total annual cost of student loan benefits with Dolr including all contributions and fees less any impact and tax savings
With Dolr
see details

Amounts shown are estimates, offer no guarantees, and may change.

Dolr supports diverse Companies at all stages

Build flexible student loan benefits programs from two simple building blocks.
Adaptive by design.

Fixed monthly contributions

Give your Team a fixed monthly contribution to their student loan payments every month

Giving the gift of Tenure

Give your Team contributions that increase over time. A great way to reward tenure

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Get Dolr.
Go further together.