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Shop at your favorite brands partnered with Dolr and get cash back sent directly to your student loans. Yes, you literally pay your student loans by  shopping at your favorite brands

Get cash from work for extra payments so you can accelerate to $0 student debt

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I remember being an 18-year-old first generation college student signing up for student loans that I didn’t understand. Fast forward 4 years to when I signed up for even more loans to attend law school, still unsure what it would take to become debt free, and with the fear that I may not ever achieve that goal. After significant planning, strategy, and a bit of luck, I officially became student loan debt free a year and a half after graduating from law school. Dolr’s what-if tool was crucial for my planning. I spent hours testing different payment options using Dolr’s what-if tool and created, and executed, a plan that would enable me to pay off my loans within the next two years. Thanks to help from the Dolr team, and Dolr’s daily withdrawals, I was able to pay off my loans even sooner than I planned. I am very thankful for the tools Dolr provided that helped me end my student loan journey

Katie S.

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Tons of people talk about compound interest and the importance of "starting now, even if it's just a little" when it comes to saving. What few talk about is that the same is true for debt. A few extra bucks, and a weekly repayment schedule makes a big difference relative to default payment schedules! Dolr's set it and forget it format is perfect for that.

Daniel E.

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Dolr gets you cashback sent directly to your student loans when you make qualifying purchases at our partner Brands.

Yes, you literally pay your student loans by shopping.

I am so grateful for Dolr and the immediate support team it has given me to tackle my largest debt, student loans. Dolr has made it incredibly easy to plan and expedite my goal to freedom from student loan debt. The Dolr team gave me a realistic view of my student loam debt, as well as, several innovative ways to help me achieve my goal sooner than I ever thought possible. For instance, the shop and pay concept takes the guilt out of shopping. It will allow the money I am already spending to be contributed to my student loans. My experience with Dolr has given me the greatest benefit, which is support and tools to assist me in improving my financial health.

Rachael A.

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Dolr uplifts you emotionally and empowers you to live your best life both while you pay down your debt and after. Reduce stress and increase your happiness.

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Dolr accelerates you to $0 student debt by getting you extra cash for student loan repayment. And we make it easier for you to automate your good habits so you can live your best life.

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Dolr partners with employers everywhere so you can get student loan benefits from work and accelerate to $0 student debt.

The help I get on my student loans from my company has taken an enormous weight off my shoulders. Financial stress IS REAL. Dolr relieves that. Being at a company that cares about me at that level is something I'm truly grateful for. It makes me excited about my future with them.

Alex M.

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