Beat student debt.
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Dolr gets you extra cash for your student loan payments

Get more cash
beat student debt
and build wealth
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Weekly automation







Dollar amounts shown above are examples. Actual amounts may vary.

Use this calculator to find out how much quicker you will pay off your student loans

A few extra bucks, and a weekly repayment schedule makes a big difference relative to default payment schedules! Dolr's set it and forget it format is perfect for that.

Daniel E.

I am so grateful for Dolr and the immediate support team it has given me to tackle my largest debt, student loans. Dolr has made it incredibly easy to plan and expedite my goal to freedom from student loan debt.

Rachael A.

Thanks to help from the Dolr team, and Dolr’s daily withdrawals, I was able to pay off my loans even sooner than I planned. I am very thankful for the tools Dolr provided that helped me end my student debt

Katie S.


To feel supported in your financial wellness by your employer is a major morale booster. It makes me feel as though I’m being looked after and cared for, not just another worker bee

Daniela R.

Get benefits from work

Dolr is the simplest way to get student loan benefits from work

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$100 per month

Benefits from Work



You got a bonus!

Earn cashback for student loans

Dolr gets you cashback for your student loan payments when you shop


You got $5 cashback



You got $50 cashback



You got $12 cashback


Make smarter payments automatically

Dolr makes smarter weekly payments easy and automatic for you

Without Dolr

If you pay monthly

$400 per month

That comes to

$4,800 per year

With Dolr

Paying Weekly

$100 per week

52 weeks a year

$5,200 per year

Accelerate to $0 debt

Debt free earlier

Harness the power of Community

Turn student loan payment into a team sport with Dolr

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$50/month from Mom

Proud of you 😊😍

$50 from Grandma

Happy Birthday!! 😘

$25 from Coach

You deserve this

$5/week from BFF

You got this!

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We partner with Best in class vendors to protect your data

We do not sell your data to anyone for any reason

The privacy and security of your data is our first priority. To learn more check out our privacy policy and the FAQs

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Engage, Retain, and Recruit talent by eliminating financial stress.

Dolr for

Run socially impactful campaigns to show your customers you care about their biggest financial burden

with Dolr

Beat Debt

Dolr uplifts you emotionally so you can live your best life both while you pay down your debt and after.

Build Wealth

Dolr gets you extra cash so you can accelerate to $0 student debt, save more for retirement, and build wealth.

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Beat Debt. Build Wealth.

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